By completing the form you find here, the Athens Makerspace team is going to contact you to schedule a meeting. Then you will have the opportunity to see our space and of course to register.

To become a member of Athens Makerspace, monthly membership costs are 25€ and 12.50€ for students. Plus there is a 10€ registration fee (paid only once). The annual subscription is 250 € and 125 € for the students. The pro monthly subscription is 45 € and the annual 450 €. (Therefore, in all of our packages, with the annual subscription you have a discount of two months). See our price table and the benefits of the membership here.

Workshops are addressed to everyone regardless of membership. Each Workshop is unique. It therefore has its own charge. Enter here to see upcoming Workshops and their prices. Visitors can not use the Athens Makerspace equipment if they do not participate in a Workshop.

We can welcome in our space visitors for scheduled tours, in the context of future registration as a member and after. In addition, a registered member can invite and “host” a visiting friend three hours a day and two days a week (the highest), having their responsibility for the proper handling of the space.

Yes, with the exception of laser cutter and CNC labs. For this, you need to have attended our Class. Then you can use the with a small time charge.

There are some Workshops in Athens Makerspace, which are Members’ free! We announce them privately to our members.

All other Workshops have special, reduced prices for our members.

Athens Makerspace works on the development of the makers community through the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Our goal is to create an organic environment of self-help and creativity. Upon communication with the member, there will be a responsible Host at the site available to assist our member, regardless of his or her degree of experience. Our members must always be fully informed about the use of the equipment prior to use. This aims at the safety of our members and the maintenance of the equipment. Members’ access outside the supervised hours is not recommended for the tactic of continuous work.

Athens Makerspace is open Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 21:00 for all our members. The visit of non-members happens after a scheduled meeting.

Athens Makerspace is actively involved in various programs and exhibitions. Some of those are:

-ReMakers Project
-Erasmus Michelangelo
-ASF 2017, 2018
-Makerfaire 2016, 2017
-ADAF 2017

Points Support
To stay informed about programs, exhibitions, actions we participate in, see our site calendar.

The only lab that requires reservation is the laser cutter. A station, tool or machine, can be used up to 2 or 5 hours by Standard or Pro members accordingly. Users can make a reservation per day. If no one else needs to use the station, the time may be extended. During training programs or workshops certain machines will not be available according to the notifications that will be posted on our calendar.

The members are responsible for bringing the consumables for the project they want to carry out on our site. In case it is very difficult to find or transfer the material for a particular project, they are suggested to inform the team of Athens Makerspace for possible assistance.

You can find the services we provide here. Prices vary depending on the size of the surface to be processed, the number of items, etc. Please contact us for more information.


Tue – Sat: 10:00 – 21:00

Sun – Mon: Closed

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