We have (proudly) equipped our labs with a variety of traditional and digital fabrication tools and machinery, and we try to expand our inventory every day. All equipment is available for use by any member. Some laboratories require attendance of the equivalent safety class. Members bring their own materials.

We are an education-focused makespace developing a wide range of classes that can transform anyone from an absolute beginner to a ninja. Anyone can acquire essential personal and professional skills. You don’t have to become a member to take classes.We believe in learning through experimentation and failure, as it is the way to success –  F.A.I.L. First Attempt In Learning. That is why we take fun very seriously. Because learning requires devotion. We welcome everyone to either run or suggest a workshop.

In this inspiring environment a community of makers is growing. Our members are encouraged to innovate and prototype solutions (and fix the world). Meet other makers, learn and share your knowledge. It is a place for those who love craftsmanship to network and turn their ideas into reality. T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More.

Digital Fabrication

3D Printing

Design or download a three-dimensional model and print it out of plastic in all the colors.

Laser Cutting

Engrave everything and cut complicated designs from crafts to photos. Try it and you’ll get hooked!

CNC Milling

A drill that automatically moves to the 3D space with inconceivable features.


From simple circuits to complex robotics, you can create the most custom project for your needs.

Vinyl cutting

One of the most user-friendly cutting machines, cut stickers for signs or for printing on fabric.

Traditional Fabrication


Endless ways to design and make your own handmade jewelry.

Wood working

All the equipment the most novice and the most experienced carpenter may need.

Metal working

Experiment with welding and other metal processing techniques.


Explore the capabilities of the sewing machine, from the zip fastener and button holes, to the decorative stitches.



Come and learn how to use tools and techniques, traditional and state-of-the-art. Gain experience and create your own projects. Be part of our growing community. Become a member and start using the Makerspace now.


At Athens Makerspace you have the opportunity to participate and discover interesting opportunities of volunteering, while gaining access to our workshops and equipment. By offering your time, you can develop your skills and knowledge while becoming a part of our growing community.

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