Ilias Saltiel

Co Founder & Director

Constantinos Zervos

Technical Director

Bary Sevi

Co-Founder & Creative Director

David Saltiel

Laser Cutter Guru

Vangelis Tsitsimpikos

Product Development Ninja

Foteini Notsika

Supplies Administrator

Andriana Mourelatou

Assistant Manager


Maker DOG

Values & Philosophy of our team

The creation and operation of Athens Makerspace could not be possible without the people of its community. There are currently over twenty volunteers active in the space. Many other volunteers also help us with exhibitions, conferences, workshops and more. Those people are engineers, designers, photographers, technicians, etc. who offer and share their knowledge and skills for the benefit of our community and members. From your very first visit to Athens Makerspace, you will find people who can help you get into the spirit of making, regardless of your experience so far. The makers of the community of Athens Makerspace are the source of our team’s inspiration, as well as the most important tool for the exchange of knowledge and experience. Behind each machine, every workshop, every unique creation there are members and volunteers who give life into a community that grows every day. If you would like to join the team, you can apply here.


Tue – Sat: 10:00 – 21:00

Sun – Mon: Closed

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