Send us your file and we will carve out and cut the design of your choice on the makerpase CNC Router. The CNC has a working area of ​​87cm x 136cm and can hold materials up to 96cm x 145cm.

Laser Cutting

With our Laser Cutting machine, BRM6090 CO2, we provide the ability to cut and engrave in a wide variety of materials with precision and detail. We can create architectural models, jewelery, inscriptions, gifts and more.

3D Printing

We can print the three-dimensional model of your choice in the color you want. 3D printed objects can have practical and entertaining applications.

Vinyl cutting

Create and print a sticker of your choice on a T-shirt or a tote bag. This service utilizes Silhouette America’s Vinyl Cutters, Cameo 2 and Cameo 3.

Workshops for children

We have a range of fascinating classes for children, which are related to technology and crafting. These workshops can take place in schools or in other cases in group conditions.

Silk Screen Printing

Με την βοήθεια ενός τελάρου, μιας σπάτουλας και ενός ή περισσότερων χρώματων μπορούμε να αναπαράγουμε το σχέδιο που εχουμε εμφανίσει πανω σε οποιαδήποτε επιφάνεια
όπως (ύφασμα χαρτί κ.α)

Κάθε εκτύπωση είναι ξεχωριστή και μοναδική γιατί ο τρόπος αποτύπωσης είναι χειροποίητος.

2D Fabrication Design

In collaboration with our creative team you can transfer your idea to a fully functional object / product. The service concerns 2D designs or 3D from two-dimensional composition.


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